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Active Mancunians

Mancunians have today announced an innovative programme to inspire the people of Manchester to get involved in healthy activity.
‘Active Mancunians’ will see the club introduce new activity in various areas of the City of Manchester by introducing initiatives such as walking football, walking netball, touch rugby and a new product aimed at improving activity and physical literacy in children aged between 3 and 7 years old. active_mancunians
Mancunians is Manchester’s Dual Code Rugby club offering Rugby League in the summer months and Rugby Union in the winter. Working all over Manchester providing after school clubs, teaching cover and assisting schools to run sports teams, the club has a 20:20 vision of getting 1,000 people active regularly and has a long-term goal of being a professional club.
Mancunians has run a successful and innovative walking football project for older people over the last few months and Active Mancunians will assist the club in increasing the amount of sessions that the club can run.
Manchester has higher than the national average of illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and has rising rates of obesity. 42 per cent of people in England aged 55 and over are inactive compared to 29 per cent of the population of England as a whole and Mancunians are doing their bit to prevent inactivity levels rising even further in Manchester.


Active Mancunians will improve physical literacy

Active Mancunians has three strands:

  • Children aged between 3 and 7 years old will take part in sessions to encourage them to become active, preventing obesity, developing social skills and physical literacy and compete in school sports festivals
  • Older people aged 55+ will be offered healthy living sessions, which will feature a dietician and personal trainer and participants will be encouraged to set goals to reduce weight, improve levels of activity or improve other key health markers such as blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Participants will also be signposted to new activity sessions that will be created including Walking Football, Walking Netball and Dance sessions.
  • Manchester residents will be offered the opportunity to join the ‘Step On’ coaching programme, which will see people being provided with coaching experience, qualifications to enable them to enter the workplace with enhanced skills and confidence.
Mancunians Run A Successful Walking Football Programme

‘”Even before we’ve fully launched Active Mancunians we have had schools and agencies from around Manchester approaching us to ask if they can take part which is very pleasing.” Said Mancunians Director, Stefan Hopewell.
“Sadly we live in a nation where activity levels are falling and participation in many sports is falling also and we’re determined to help reverse this trend. Over recent months we have seen participation levels increase across most of the activities we offer with club membership rising too so we’re already moving in the right direction but, we have a way to go to achieve our 20:20 vision of having 1,000 retained participants by 2020 and Active Mancunians will assist us to reach our goal. Said Hopewell.
“We’re rapidly securing a reputation for being innovative and progressive throughout Manchester and beyond and Active Mancunians will make a big difference in the lives of Many Mancunians. He said.
Much of the Active Mancunians programme will centre on younger children and Hopewell says that it is assisting Mancunians to strengthen links with primary schools across Manchester.
“We wrote to schools a few weeks ago to invite them to be part of the programme and we have been pleasantly surprised with the response. We know that younger children also suffer from increasing levels of obesity and Active Mancunians will start to alleviate this and also strengthen our relationship with schools in Manchester. He said.