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My Selfie – Suzan Deegan

  • Suzan DeeganName: Suzan Deegan
  • Age: To be continued (one hopes)
  • Position: Preferably not on the bench on the pitch!
  • Where are you from: Garden City
  • Occupation: Faulty domestic engineer, but can be seen in an Assistant Manager capacity in the day
  • How long have you played League/played with Mancunians: A few months (what patience they have with me!)
  • Best sporting influence: My father
  • Greatest sporting achievement: Gold medal winner at Rounders, age 11
  • Most annoying teammate: Myself, even I get on my nerves!
  • If you didn’t play rugby, what sport would you play: Not football (though I’d find away to kick a ball or watch a game)
  • What would your theme song be: I’m Walking on Sunshine
  • Favourite TV show: Soaps, after I’ve claimed the TV remote in the house first
  • Best thing to do on a free weekend: What’s a free weekend?
  • One thing you’ve always wanted to do: Always on the go!