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9’s Rules Confirmed

The organisers of this weekend’s Manchester Summer 9’s which will take place at Hough End have confirmed the rules that will be played. flag
Rugby League 9’s is a faster paced and smaller sided version of rugby league and will feature flat-out action for the nine minute games. Players will be able to score five point tries if they score in in the ‘Bonus Zone’ which is a red box painted under the posts.
The event takes place at Hough End and starts at 12:30 with games continuing until 17:00.
Another exciting feature is the ‘golden try’ where if a game is drawn at the end of normal time in the knock-out stages, the first team to score a try will win the game.
Other innovations include:
• Goal-kicks will not feature with dropkicks taken in line from where the try was scored worth two points. Penalty dropkicks will be worth two points with a field goal in general play remaining at one point.
• Scrums will only be used in the event of a double knock-on or a mutual infringement, meaning that the game will flow freely with fewer stoppages. In the event of a single knock-on, the ball will be handed over to the non-offending team.
• In the event of a successful 40/20 kick, play will recommence with a tap re-start to the kicking team 20 metres in from where the ball crossed the touch line.
• Matches will be re-started by the scoring team through a drop kick off
• Referees will have the power to send players to the sin-bin for five minutes for foul play.
The full rules of the game are available HERE.
Places are still available and interested teams can contact 07977 486 236 to enter.